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FLY100 Scanner Full Version for Honda

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FLY 100 scanner full version for Honda can do diagnose and key programming at same time. It can only do cars for Honda, compared with FLY100 locksmith version.
Support for Honda & Acura car from 1992 to 2008 year.

FLY100 Scanner Full version for Honda

Functions include for Honda:

1.DTC reading and clearing (allows the user to read both permanent and temporary DTCs. Once the fault causing the DTC has been found and repaired the DTC tool can then be used to clear DTCs.)
2.Snapshot function (capture data relative to a trigger event)
3.Vehicle data display (value, line graph, or bar graph formats)
4.DLC locator diagrams
5.Data list display (real-time display of ECU parameters)
6.System Functional Tests (allows for more detailed testing of specific parts of the vehicle systems, "where the ECU" support these tests (e.g. Window movement, Lighting, Vehicle Gauges and engine components))
7.Onboard tutorial
9.Odometer Rewrite

HDS Version: V3.016

Idioma:Español, Slovenian, English, Greek, German, Danish, Czech, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (China), American English, Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Hungarian, French, French (Canadian), Finnish and Spanish (Mexico)

Special function: It can do smart keys. No need to input password. The machine automatically calculate the password and enter the IMMO system.


1.Hardware and software requirements:

1)PC or laptop with either Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or later) or XP (SP1 or later)
2)Hard disk drive with at least 400MB of free space
3)CD-ROM drive (if a high-speed Internet connection is not available)
4)RS232 port required to connect PC to IDT
5)Monitor capable of displaying in VGA mode or above (1024 x 768 recommended)
6)Use for the following cars: All Honda model(for Honda & Acura from 1992 to 2008)

2.Electronic Control System for Honda:

1)Engine System
2)Theft Guard System
3)No key enter system, support serial and USB.
4)Anti-lock Brake System(ABS)
5)Safety airbag system
6)Electronic air throttle system
7)Electronic booster system
8)Body electric system
9)Four-wheel turning system

Package Including:

1x FLY100 full version main unit
1x OBD2 cable
1x USB Cable
1x 3pin Cable


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FLY100 VS GNA600;FLY100 VS HDS;Fly100 locksmith support 29 languages;
FLY100 FLY 100 for Honda Locksmith version tech support

FLY 100locksmith versionHonda:V2.022.106(July 21,2010)

FLY100 VS GNA600
1.FLY100 does not need password to enter immobilizer system, while GNA600 need
2.FLY100 supports odometer correction without removing the cluster, GNA600 cannot do odometer correction
3.FLY100 can do airbag reset, GNA600 cannot do this
4.FLY100 can do adaptation for remote controller, GNA600 cannot do this
5.FLY100 can make smart key without password, GNA600 cannot make smart key.
1.FLY100 uses USB2.0, HDS use COM port
2.HDS cannot do Acura, FLY100 can do it
3.HDS need password when program keys, FLY100 doesn? need it
4.HDS cannot do odometer correction, FLY100 can do odometer correction without removing the cluster
5.FLY100 provides free training
6.FLY100 provides free technical support
7.FLY100 provides free updates
8.HDS cannot work for new Guangdong HONDA
9.FLY100 can do airbag reset
10.HDS cannot do adaptation for remote controller, FLY100 can do it
11.HDS cannot make smart key, FLY100 can make it.

FLY 100 locksmith version support 29 languages:
1. Spanish
3. English
4. Greece
5. German
6. Danmark
7. Czekh
8. Chinese tranditioal
9. Chinese
10. American English
11. Vietnam
12. Turkey
13. Thailand
14. Sweden
15. Russian
16. Portugal
18. Poland
19. Norway
20. Holland
21. Korean
22. Japanese
23. Italian
24. Indonesia
25. Hungary
26. French
27 French(Canada)
28. Finland
29. Spanish(Mexico)

Antivirus software will consider fly100 software as a virus ,which is a mistake because the fly100 software have a application file in it. So, before installing the device software ,please turn off the antivirus software,so that the installing process will continue. Our fly100 software is absolutely safe!
If you forget this and the software data is destroyed or lost , do not worry, please contact us and we will send you a new CD or the software by internet.
2. Windows XP is the required computer operation system
Please ensure that you install and run fly100 software under windows XP, or else the device software and program will be destroyed and can not work.
When the installation finish, it’s possible to dismiss the installation CD and restart the system. On the Desktop of your PC the icon of the computer program will appear.
Connect the USB interface to the PC and to wait for the recognition of the device. Start the program.